Classroom Management

TIES Student Information System Classroom Management module lets teachers take attendance, enter grades and maintain a grade book, manage student attainment of graduation and curriculum standards — including viewing test data — and access detailed student information online in real time.

Accessed through Classroom Management, the Grade Book for middle and high schools and the Report Card for elementary schools are fully integrated components of TIES Student Information System. Unlike grade books in other school management software systems, they dynamically use the same student information database as all TIES Student Information System modules.

Teachers and administrators can also obtain test and assessment results through TIES Classroom Management.

The module also gives teachers a seating chart for each of their classes.

"As a music teacher, grading students was a pain for me and homeroom teachers, but with the TIES customized report card, the whole process has been streamlined." — Brian Hobson, Hinckley-Finlayson Public Schools


Features Benefits
Entry of grades, attendance and graduation standards is quick and easy. Saves teacher's time

Global school and district communications are displayed. Enhances communication to all stakeholders

Lunch counts are entered by teachers. Timely information for food service employees
Teachers see all information about their students, including attendance, health, grades, schedule, transcript, discipline, test scores and family contact information. Better informed decisions

Teachers view and update attendance on prior dates. Faster, more accurate attendance maintenance

Both period and daily attendance are supported. Flexible options for schools
Teachers can enter scores for tests that they define. Provides for granular test and assessment at classroom level
One Click reports show results for any combination of tests in a single view, and multiple One Click reports can be defined. Gives teachers and principals fast access to complex data
Security controls are included for classroom use.

Guarantees that only school staff who need access to data have it
Communication from the central office on students is allowed to show unresolved absences, student absence reasons, dropped students and newly enrolled students. Improves communication to resolve and maintain attendance detail

State-certified MARSS reporting

Ensures no errors and proper payments to the district
Superior data integration, plus integration with Cognos data warehouse Allows sophisticated data-driven decision-making

Unlimited on-demand professional support, plus superior training come with TIES Student Information System.

Rapport established with a live person who understands the district; makes district staff more efficient