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Grade Reporting

TIES Student Information System Grade Reporting lets users establish multiple GPA definitions, standard grade types, standardized comment lists and grading patterns by school, department, course and class.

Users save significant time by simply copying the grade type and pattern requirements for a school year, department, house or course into another school year.

Districts can also use TIES Student Information System to send student transcripts electronically to over 3,600 higher education institutions and scholarship funds. Parents and students can quickly and easily order their transcripts through SchoolView online parent access. The process is completely automated with the Secure Transcript system from Docufide, a leader in educational records management services.

Features   Benefits
Grade reports and report cards are produced interactively and online.
  Saves staff effort and improves turnaround time of collecting grades and getting them into the system
Multiple-mark reporting periods and multiple report card formats are supported.   Meets school’s unique requirements

A transfer student’s credits and honors earned at another school can be included in the GPA.   More data in the hands of counselors and classroom teachers
Student transcripts can be sent electronically to higher education institutions.   Saves district staff time and money

Graduation requirements are tracked in TIES Student Information System.

  Ensures students are meeting state and district graduation requirements
Transcripts can be sent electronically to the TIES document management system   Save costs of printing and storing copies of transcripts and allows easy retrieval